Poster Contest

Each year, the Cape Atlantic Conservation District, in cooperation with New Jersey Association of Conservation Districts, sponsors an annual Poster Contest. The contest is sponsored to help promote a better understanding of the environmental issues in Atlantic and Cape May Counties.  The National Conservation Poster Contest provides second through twelfth grade students an opportunity to convey their thoughts about soil, water and related natural resource issues through art. 

The District contest theme follows the annual Stewardship theme and varies year to year.  Designing a poster and researching the theme can give you a voice in your community on important conservation issues. Good posters tell important stories to present and future generations, while capturing people's attention with a powerful graphic and share an inspiring message with your community.  In addition, it is a good way for teachers to meet New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in Science, Social Studies and Visual Arts.

All first place and second place winners are selected by the District, with the first place in each age category receiving a $50 gift card. Each second place winner will receive a $25 gift card.

First place winners on the District level are entered into the State competion where they are judged, with State winners moving onto the National competition.

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The 2022 theme is "Healthy Soil: Healthy Life". Many people don’t realize that soil, especially healthy soil, is full of life. Millions of species and billions of organisms make up a complex and diverse mix of microscopic and macroscopic life that represents the greatest concentration of biomass anywhere on the planet.

Bacteria, algae, microscopic insects, earthworms, beetles, ants, mites, and fungi are among them. All together, their value has been estimated at $1.5 trillion a year worldwide

Like other living creatures, the organisms in the soil also need food and shelter. Some feed on dead organic matter, and some eat other microbes. As a group , they cycle nutrients, build the soil and give it structure.
2022 Poster Contest
District first place winners had their posters sent to Trenton to be judged on the state level. An awards ceremony was held in Trenton recognizing all state level poster contest winners.

The District congratulates all the local and state winners, and all those whose participated in the contest.  We look forward to your effort and creativity towards the 2023 contest.

All District winning posters can be found below.
This year's Winners
Grades 2-3
Mercedes Cottman
First Place
Grades 4-6
Second Place
Rosa Saavedra
Dulce Aleman
First Place
Second Place
Genesis Juandiego
Grades 10-12
Second Place
Shannon Fisher
Dalia Gomez-Rojas
First Place